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Crochet Kit: Some Basic Crochet Tools You Must Have

Crochet is a lovely hobby and a creative indeed. When we think about crochet, the first thing that comes to our mind is a yarn and a hook. But those are not the only things we require. There are so many other things we require in our crochet kit. We will try to list down as many as we can remember.

A Crochet Kit should consist of the following:

Scissors: A pair of scissors is a must have in our crochet kit. You will require every now and then if it is a small project and has too many colours. We love the antique scissors like the birdy ones or Eiffel Tower one (we are yet to buy these). We find these very cute 🙂

Stitch Markers: This is the most important thing at least when we are crocheting in the rounds. Some people use scrap yarn, some use safety pins or hair pins. Anything works best 🙂 We use Knitpro stitch markers which are exactly like safety pins. Only a little bigger and made of plastic. If you like stitch markers or collecting them or want to have colour coded ones you can check out our list of hook and stitch marker makers. They can customize it for you from polymer clay.

Featured Image Pic Courtesy: Manda’s Knotty Crochet

Stitch Counter/ Row Counter: This comes handy while doing bigger projects. Also, sometimes when there are projects when you can not count rows just by looking at the project you must have this lovely crochet accessory

Yarn Bowls: These are the prettiest things after stitch markers which prove to be really important for many. Though we do not use them we would really recommend these for the simple reason that the yarn with which you are working won’t keep rolling on the floor and will not be dirty. Also, this helps us with a fast and smooth supply of yarn to our hooking hands. Many partners help their better half by making a lovely yarn bowl or a little caddy from where the yarn can roll out easily.

Hook Stands: Those who have lovely Ergonomic clay crochet hooks and want to keep them on stands so that they don’t break or get spoiled. This Stand is a very good option since it also helps to show off our hook collection 🙂

Hook Pouches: Another option for a hook stand is a hook pouch where you can keep all the hook the way we used to keep our pens and pencils when we completed our homework 🙂 This is very helpful since all hooks stay at one place and our crochet desk will have more space.

Yarn Needle: We also call it a darning needle. This one is of course required to weave in the ends. These days we get many varieties f these. Their sizes vary as per the yarn size most of the times. You should really have this one for sure 🙂

Measuring tape: This one is required as per the name suggests to measure your crochet projects and make sure you are doing it as per the required size. Mostly apparels require this one and blankets too 🙂 A basic Measuring Tape is always needed in crochet kit.

Blocking Board: Frankly, we have not used this till now and we don’t own one. But we have read quite a lot on social media about how important it is to use a blocking board. When you block your crochet products they look more finished.

Crochet Books: These come really handy when you need to understand basics of crochet. There are lots of Magazines available in physical of soft copy. We really recommend to subscribe at least one of these 🙂 They have new patterns and sometimes even a free gift with every issue.

Free Crochet Tools: We have also launched Hooked Goodies Crochet Tools. You can visit all the tools that we have created. Tools include Hook Size Converter Tool, Yarn Detailed Search using WPI, weights, numbers, and names. Also, we have created Random Pattern Generator which can give you inspiration.

Have a look at these tools:

  1. Crochet Hook Size Converter
  2. Yarn Weights, Name and Numbers Tool
  3. Random Crochet Pattern Generator

There are many other things like Night Light, Pom Pom Makers, Light Hooks, Finger Yarn Guides and Project Bags. These can also help you to a great extent.

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    1. Yes indeed like a grocery list 😀 especially for beginners. Though, we can use scrap yarn as stitch markers, pencil boxes as hook cases, we should know the exact basic list so that we can buy it in future 🙂

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