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Crocheting in Public Will Make You Feel Good

Most people in countries like The US, UK dare Crocheting in Public. We in India, however, do not do this often. We feel shy because people start looking at us. But we do not think that they are looking because they are inquisitive, they want to know more about what we are doing. Though we have seen many ladies in the trains doing this, it has not become a trend as it is in the US. So let us discuss today how and why we should start crocheting in public, what are the benefits and how we always have a feel good factor that comes with it.

Why start Crocheting in Public??

Crochet in Public for a day and tell us what you experienced, it is a fun thing to do what you love whenever and wherever you like. Go in some park, beach or any other place where you find the comfort and peace you need to crochet. It will be super fun. This has some benefits as well like you can crochet and be close to nature, have fresh air to breathe. This will give you more calming effect as well, nd you will forget all your crochet problems.

Another thing you will notice when you start to crochet in public is that you will start being more social. No, we do not mean the social media platforms but social in the true sense. When you start to crochet in public there will be inquisitive looks, more hellos and that is lovely conversations. People will ask you what are you making and how do you make it. This is very beneficial as well when you are trying for some positive change in your life or feeling lonely. This will give you more friends and might even give you a nearby crochet buddy.

Crocheting in Public will have a great impact on your business if you have one or want to set up soon. When people see you crocheting they would definitely know that you crochet. They will ask you what else you make, can you make one for me etc. This will give a huge impetus to your business. The best thing is more customers will be from nearby areas and hence shipping cost & time will be almost nil, which is a benefit for both the parties. You can contact and converse with more people as compared to social media, you will know people in real.

There is a group called Hombrestejedores who encourage men to knit and this group plans events for them to crochet and knit in public. Such groups and much more knit-nights encourage people Crocheting in Public. These activities give you more social life than just sticking into your laptop and cellphones whole day, it directly or indirectly builds your personality, communication skills, brings confidence, sense of achievement, self-development, and much more. We also have a Knit & Crochet in Public Day.

So grab your hook and Yarn today, head out of the house, find some peaceful place that you relate to and enjoy being in and start crocheting like you do at home. If you already have tried crocheting in public then do let us know on our social media pages like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. You can also leave a comment below the article sharing your experiences. We would love to hear from you. Also, check how crochet helps us in may ways.

We will be back with something new and interesting, till then keep crocheting more and more in public 🙂


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