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The yarn is one of the major Crochet Problems we crocheters have. Why??? The yarn is there because we love to crochet and we crochet because we love yarn 😀 It is a vicious cycle 😀 We keep shopping all the time but somehow all of that stash just keep staying there. Some yarn never reaches till our crochet hooks, poor things. So when we are doing all of this shopping, storing, hiding and crocheting the people who are most affected by our hobby is our friends and family. The person who is going through a lot due to our addictive passion is our Partner 😀 Yes he/she plays a major role in whatever we are. So let us see how they handle us and the situation we are in, also how we manage to somehow keep all our yarn to ourselves 😀

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Yarn Shopping

Never Sticking to the list: This is the worst part (or the best). We love to crochet, we go yarn shopping. We have decided to buy a 3 Caron Cakes in the same colour we go and buy it in 3 different colours, 4 cakes of each colour (you never know what if they just stop selling this colour suddenly) That is not all, we go ahead and also buy some blanket yarn because we find it so soft and cozy and what not. Yes, there is this colour pooling thing going on you buy that yarn too. Our partners are like what is going on here. But most of them often just accept our problem and give in for our sanity.

Sale: Sale and Yarn shopping most of the times go hand in hand. We have subscribed to each and every Yarn shop we know be it a local shop or a Michaels, Jo-Anns or Hobby Lobby. As soon as we get a mail saying some yarn is on sale we just grab our shopping trollies and off we go. Even if we do not plan any project, we will buy the yarn. When we ask our better half they will say a half hearted yes 😀 but will come along since the bags will be too heavy, it is a yarn sale after all.

Coupons: The next worst thing after Sale is Coupons. We keep getting them in the apps and websites and we just want to spend all the money we have in the particular shop. Generally, if we have a coupon it is not necessary that we will go and buy that thing but in Yarn shopping, if you have a coupon you have to buy even what you don’t want 😀 Husbands/Wives or Girlfriends/Boyfriends hate these companies which keep sending coupons.

Yarn Stashes

Storage: Storage is the biggest problem we have after we have bought so much yarn. Sometimes we just sit there and wonder why did I even buy if it cannot find a place in the house. Here our loved one comes forward, helps us storing them neatly, some even go ahead and make storage boxes, cupboards or drawers so that we can keep things organized. They are the biggest gift of God to us.

Hiding: Oh there are partners which though encourage our hobby, are sometimes strict on the quantity we buy. Some say buy new only when this room full of yarn is over 😀 They are right in a way don’t you think so. We have more hook & yarn than people at our place 😀 Not keeping a tab on our shopping is the reason we have to hide stashes from them. They are good, sweet and encouraging and not bad. The only thing they want from us is being organized and using up the already present yarn. Though hiding the stash is fun sometimes, we should really not do it all the time. (sometimes it is ok 😀 )

Showing off: our awesome partners are the ones who help us showing off our lovely stash. they actually help us organize things like yarn, hooks, needles and help us building up our little happy place for us. They want us to show it off on social media sometimes because they know it makes us happy from within 🙂 such angels we have.


Giving us our space: Nope, this is not in terms of real physical space like storage. But they give us our little time, our place to crochet in peace most of the times. They make sure we complete our daily dose of crochet stitches so that it keeps us sane, happy and satisfied. If your partner does this for you, he/she is a keeper for sure. Most of the times they even go ahead and cook or do house chores that we are supposed to do. Just to make sure we don’t lose out on our crochet time.

Helping us with orders: They help keep a check on our orders, even pack them and drop them at the post offices, so helpful. They even take care of our tech requirements like handling our social media, clicking pictures of our crocheted goods and managing websites for us. So much just because they know we love to crochet and can earn from it too. They want to see us happy, proud and self-sufficient.

Make/order lovely goodies: Being a crocheter we all know that we need many crochet accessories. Thing like cute scissors, lovely yarn bowls, stitch markers etc. So here our helpful heroes buy or make for us some of the lovely stuff from wood, clay etc. Yarn Bowls and hook stands are many times made and gifted by them 🙂

They want to learn: This is the best thing you will hear :). They see us crochet all day and they feel like learning it too. It is so sweet and means so much to us 🙂 I have seen posts of people teaching their partners and they are successful. It is so satisfying and beautiful to know that your partner values you and your hobby so much. Go ahead and teach them it would be a good contribution towards this art.


Most of the times we act crazy for our addiction. We do things like hiding our stash, not telling them that we go yarn shopping and lots of stupid things. But all in all our partners love us the way we are, crazy, smart or naughty. Whatever and however we are when it comes to our yarn and hooks.

They sometimes do not like us spending too much money on this hobby. He/she might be right, they are saying it for our good. They get jealous when we spend too much time crocheting because they want to spend some quality time with us. They love us and that is what matter.

Today, decide to make something they like for lunch/dinner. Give them a hug and say thanks 🙂 they will love it for sure 🙂

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  1. I have only been crocheting a few years but could see how my yarn addiction might get out of control. If there is yarn I absolutely must have, I can only purchase if I have a pattern for it and then I put the pattern, yarn and hook all together. I figure if I die before I get to it, the fam can sell at a garage sale. ?

    1. 😀 We do not buy much, only 2-3 tote bags currently. Some are the ones we bought and never used 😀 Some we are planning to use but god knows when. So basically we want to use all of it but crocheting takes time buying yarn is easier 🙂 Already have 4-5 WIPS currently.

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