Crochet Hobby Make Money

Crochet: A Hobby That Can Make You Money

So you know how to crochet and it is your hobby. You love it so much that you think and hope that you want to live on it. In other words, make a living out of it and earn money. So how do you do it? Simple, make products and sell. But what if there is no market for goods that you make in and around your area. Hence you are left with no choice but to leave your dreams at that. If you are going through this read further and see what else you can do, if you know how to crochet. This of course includes selling finished products. So let us begin.

How Your Crochet Hobby Can Make You Money

Sell Products: This is the first and foremost thing that will come to your mind. Since you do crochet already, might as well earn from the finished product. Depending on your area make scarfs, hats, gloves etc. If you live in a place which doesn’t get that cold try some decorative items our items that can be used daily like doilies, purses, slippers, clutches, door hanging etc. Make these and charge accordingly. Sell these on Etsy or any other such website available in your country. You can easily earn through this 🙂

Sell Patterns: So now you know how to crochet, that means you can read and write patterns. Go ahead and make your own pattern, write it and make it available to others at a price. Depending on the difficulty of the pattern you can charge for this accordingly. You can sell your patterns on Etsy. Pattern, once written and made available can make you earn over and over again. So this will be one-time effort and investment of time. Your hobby makes you money, maybe a slightly different version of it.

Teach People Individually: Meet people know people. Tell them about your passion. most of them would love to try out this creative art. Ther you go, make a little group of people can range from 2 to 10 individuals. Kepp the size small so that you can give individual attention to every student. Fix the amount per person, start teaching and start earning 🙂

Be a Craft Teacher: This is the same as above. The only difference is that here you will be on a salary, that is, you will receive a monthly paycheck from the school that you will teach in. Being a teacher is very beneficial in a way that your knowledge sharing base will be wider. So you are contributing more towards this art, also the kids will remember you always when they see someone doing or teaching crochet 🙂

Free Patterns with Advertisement: Here you can make patterns and give them away for free on your website for free. You can earn money by advertising for other products or business on your page. Also, you can have Google Ads on your website for which you have to apply and get approval from google.

Make Youtube Videos: Make Videos about crochet, tech people. Gather a particular audience through different techniques, see what they are interested in. Tips tricks, new stitches, new yarn, new pattern. You can make videos of everything. Again here you can earn through Google Ads.

Write about Crochet: Start writing about crochet, patterns, lists, free patterns anything can be written. Make a website or a blog where you can write your own patterns or experiences about crochet. Right about new yarn, new pattern. charities etc. Here again, Google will help you to earn through your hobby.

Be a Tester: When someone writes a pattern he/she needs to test it. So there are testers out there who test a pattern in return of money. This is as simple as doing crochet by watching any pattern. However, here you have to have a very good hold on crochet. You should know all the stitches, basic as well as difficult ones.

Pattern Translator: Many patterns are in different languages. If you have a strong hold on English as well as that other language, you can translate the pattern and publish it. Now there are 2 ways here, either you can translate it for free for someone or contact the designer, crack a deal and translate it for him/ her in return of money.

So these are the ways in which your hobby can make you money. Some require more efforts, some don’t. But some things that are common and necessary to mke money out of it is passion, dedication, and willingness to work towards it 🙂 What are you waiting for, see what suits you best and start something that you love and that can earn you money as well 🙂 HOpe this will help all the Crochet enthusiasts to think out of the box and make a living out of this beautiful and creative hobby


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