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An Eco-Friendly Crocheter can Crochet with These

Have you ever given a thought on what are the other things that can be used for crochet?? Yes, there are quite a few of them and today we will see what are the other things that an eco-friendly crocheter can use apart from your normal cotton, acrylic, wool or any other fancy yarn. there are so many different shops selling so many yarns, different brands, different shops selling something or the other. Blanket yarn, Mandala Yarn and who can forget Carron cakes. Yes most of us have used these, but there are other things you can use for crochet and make the environment and this earth a better place to live in. Let us see exactly what are we talking about.


  1. Used T-shirts: These are the things we have the most. Some torn, some faded, some are short, some have become tight. So what do we do with these? Most of us just toss it in the bin. Yes of course donating is a lovely option but what if we can make something useful out of it using our crochet skills. Yes, you can use these by cutting them into a long continuous strip, give a little stretch and roll it into a ball. Nowadays some shops sell them as T-shirt Yarn. You can always use up your own for making a rug or a mat rather than it ending in a landfill.


  1. Hemp/ Jute role: Different names different purposes and also different textures. This is one of the best things used for crochet other than some fancy yarn. These are strong and sturdy. Many things can be made from these. Rugs, Mats, bags. These are durable and stay the same for quite a long time. So next time you see one of these try and think what you can make from these. This can be a task for an eco-friendly crocheter if it is too thick.


  1. Used Bedsheets: Yes we all use them, and wash, and use, and wash and the cycle goes on and one fine day we feel it is now old and used and torn and faded. We want something new. So, what do you do with the old ones? Yes,  cut these into strips and use them to crochet 🙂 The thickness of the strips depends on with what you are comfortable. Just make the most of it and make something colourful. Maybe a playing mat for kids 🙂


  1. Sarees/Dupattas/Scarfs/Stoles: These are used by ladies and most of the times these are ‘out of fashion’ quite quickly. Saree or Sari is a female garment from the Indian subcontinent that consists of a drape varying from five to nine yards (4.5 metres to 8 metres) in length and two to four feet (60 cm to 1.20 m) in breadth. So imagine how much “Yarn” we would get out of one Sari. In the same way, use up your old scarfs and stoles for crocheting.


  1. Plastic Bags: These were in the news recently where Nigerian women use plastic bags to crochet, earn their living and keep the environment clean. We are sure all of us here know how harmful plastic is for the earth. It takes years to decompose. why not use it in this beautiful manner. Try it, there are many videos on youtube on how to cut and use a plastic bag as yarn. it is called Plarn these days. Plastic Yarn is Plarn.


  1. Cloth Cord: This is a cotton braided lace used mostly in India for different purposes and one of them is wearing a petticoat for wearing a Saree. This is generally available in bundles and is thick but soft. Placemats and potholders can be made using this type of Cloth cord. Simple and plain.


  1. Plastic Clothesline: These are the Plastic cords available as clothesline. These are a continuous, different coloured plastic cords. Baskets can be made using these cords, they will last longer and be sturdy. Better to use this than the normal plastic tubs which eventually break.


  1. Pet Hair: Yes there are people who convert their pet hair into Yarn. Google it and you will find some of them. No, you don’t have to harass your little friends in any way, they shed too much of hair every day. You can also shave them sometimes. Just find a good way to collect and clean them so that you can make them into yarn balls. Later you can crochet something or sell that yarn.


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So many ways to be an Eco-Friendly Crocheter

There are so many ways by which you can help the earth with your crochet skills too. Of course, you will not be able to make colourful and pretty things. Instead of just keeping things somewhere in your closet, you can make some useful things from it. People also crochet with wires, paper, balloon, cellophane. Did you already know this? If yes have tried any of these? You are most welcome to share all your Eco-friendly crochet projects with us on our Facebook page and make sure to have a look at our Instagram account too. Till then keep crocheting and save the environment. Be an Environment-friendly crocheter, and encourage others around you too.

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