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Crochet Lovers are also magazines lovers, isn’t it? Yes, we love magazines, of course, Crochet Magazines. Most of us have subscribed to some or the other magazines that we refer to all the times. For how-tos, tips, tutorials and of course patterns. In this digital world, there are various mediums through which we get to learn many things related to this hobby but nothing matches the eagerness and enthusiasm for a monthly Crochet Magazine. Today let us see the different magazines that people subscribe to be it digital or print.

Crochet Magazines available for you

Simply Crochet: A magazine from the UK features more than 20 crochet patterns every month with clear instructions and crochet inspiration. There is a free gift every month. It has 59 issues so far. This magazine is available in print as well as digitally. The magazine is available to buy in print in selected newsagents and supermarkets all over the world. You can also get Simply Crochet on iPad or iPhone via Apple Newsstand or for your Mac, PC, tablet or smartphone via Zinio.

Inside Crochet: This Magazine currently has its 91st issue out and they are lovely. This one is also available in print and digital both. Inside Crochet is available in paper form from all good newsagents and craft stores. Call 01202 586848 or visit to order a copy directly from them. To purchase a digital copy of Inside Crochet, visit, or download their app through the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Crochet Now: Again from the UK they are the UK’s fresh new Magazine and have their 16th issue out currently. This one is also available in digital as well as printed version. for buying and subscribing details visit them here.

Love of Crochet: This one has their latest issue of Summer 2017 out on stalls. It is available in print as well as the digital medium. Prices of both digital and printed versions are the same, you can choose the one you want and can also buy old issues if you feel like. This magazine is priced at $6.99 per edition.

Interweave Crochet: This one has its current issue Summer 2017 issue with 21 crochet projects again available in print and digital media. Priced at $7.99 per edition is a lovely magazine with different patterns available especially for you.

Happily Hooked Magazine: 10 exclusive trendy designs tested and guaranteed to be error free, tips tricks and what not. You can save your favourite copy on Ravelry for free. Also, they are 100% ad free so enjoy your digital subscription in peace. They have a digital only subscription at $ 4.97 per month. They have their 34th issue out on the stands currently.

So, these are the crochet magazines we know about and wanted to share with you. Have you subscribed to any of these? would you like to share their review? Please mention in the comment below for all our friends to know.

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Note: This article is written only with the intention to have a list of all the Crochet Magazines available.


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  1. Hello! Lee here, the Assistant Editor from Happily Hooked Magazine! We’re thrilled you love our subscription, and we hope you’ll continue to enjoy the digital along with our bi-monthly print edition as well! (We love getting the print issue in the mail, it really adds that special something to our regular subscription!). If you have any questions, or need help with your subscription, email us any time at Happy crocheting!

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