Crochet Dos and Don'ts

13 DOs and DON’Ts of Crochet You Should Know

Dos and Don’ts are present for everything that we do. Eating habits, sleeping habits etc. etc. So why not some Dos and Don’ts for our favourite Hobby Crochet. There are many and we will try and list down a few that everyone can relate to and which are really very important if you want to become a good and successful crocheter.

First, we will see the things that you should DO when you are learning or doing crochet regularly. These are very important to help you keep a positive and happy approach towards this wonderful hobby.

Some DOs of Crochet:

  1. Know what this art is: Try and read about how and why people crochet. Learn the basics like what are the things that you will require. What are the benefits, how easy/difficult it is? When you start reading you will get to know many sayings, terms, necessary and unnecessary discussions surrounding the beautiful world of crochet. Gain knowledge about this hobby first.
  2. Watch Youtube videos: Watching videos will actually help you see the practical part of crochet. How to do it, how to hold the yarn. How to move your hook, new stitches, techniques etc. This will help you learn a lot. We are self-taught crocheters and started learning with help of Youtube Videos and are still learning 🙂
  3. Know your Yarn and Hook: Yarn and hook come in different types, sizes and quality. Learn about them before you start buying. You will get an idea with some videos or articles about them. Invest in some Ergonomic hooks. They are comfortable to use. When you are in learning stage try with thicker yarn and bigger hooks, this will help you learn faster and you will know and understand different stitches. Later when you are confident you can also purchase Customised Polymer Clay hooks.
  4. Know your abbreviations & Symbols: These are very important for the later stages. If you are not through with these you might face problems later. Hence make sure you know and learn Symbols of different stitches and basic abbreviations.
  5. Learn Stitches: First, try and learn the stitches that are very basic for the beginners. Learn them slowly and patiently. Only if you learn the stitches you can think about trying some new patterns confidently.
  6. Go step by step: When following a pattern Go step by step. Do not make any haste, read 2-3 steps, crochet and again check and go ahead. Whatever pattern you chose, do them patiently and keep a check. Mindfulness is the key to being a successful crocheter.
  7. Take care of yourself and your products: Some have allergies to some type of yarn, Some yarn needs more care and some pattern is such that it cannot be washed in the machine. take care at each and every step. If you miss an one step it will ruin your crochet experience as well as you finished product.
  8. Share your Knowledge: It is a beautiful art and if you know it, encourage others to learn. Teach people, make new things, share your views, tips, and tricks. Make people aware. If you share your knowledge today who knows it can multiply like anything :)You may or may not charge for your services. This can also be one way to earn money through crochet.


Some DON’TS of Crochet:

  1. Do not hesitate to try new patterns: Never hesitate, if you do it will stop your growth in this crochet world. Keep trying new things with enthusiasm. Never fear if you make a mistake you can always frog the work and start afresh. Practice will make you perfect.
  2. Do not Panic if something goes wrong: This is the last thing you should do. Making mistakes, losing hooks, wrong yarn, playing yarn chicken are all the problems you face when you crochet. Keep calm and Crochet. No need to panic or get irritated.
  3. Do not make haste in jumping on the Bandwagon: Colour pooling, Campfire Cardigan, Messy bun hats. These are some of the things that people are going crazy for. Do not join them just for the sake of it. Think, will you use it? Do you like Messy bun hats, will you wear it?? If you feel positive go ahead and try. Also, do not be mad if you can not get Colour Pooling right, many of us are still figuring it out.
  4. Do not Stop: Crochet is a beautiful hobby. If you have started learning it We suggest to never put your hooks down. Go ahead, learn new things, make something big enough like a blanket or try an amigurumi. Do not stop learning and doing crochet. You have to take this art ahead 🙂 If you feel you have lost your crochet mojo, try and gain it back. It will take some time, but you can restore it 🙂
  5. Do not Crochet while Driving: We tend to crochet everywhere, believe me we know people who crochet while doing something else or taking their crochet to some place we can not even imagine 😀 Yes even to movies 😀 That is the reason we included it here. Please do not crochet when you are driving. If someone else is driving you can happily crochet away. But not if you are behind the wheel. 😀

So these were some Dos and Don’ts that you should follow. We are sure there must be many more but these are the basic ones that you should follow. We will keep adding new ones in the list 🙂 Have you followed these??Did you mess up while not following these?? Let us know in the comments below. We will be back with some more articles like this, till then keep hooking lovely goodies 🙂


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