Friends, Family Members and Crochet

Ok so here we are again with this awesome post on how our near and dear ones are related to this hobby called Crochet. As every coin has two sides this one also has them 🙂 and they are of course good things and bad ones. So how are we exactly affected when we have friends and relatives who keep looking at our work and keep commenting all the time. Yes, some love what we do and of course, there are some who don’t. Let us see what things we deal with when our friends and family members know about our hobby called Crochet.

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Brighter side of the Crochet World

We are so happy and full of content while doing some project. All we hear is appreciation and how we have this awesome hobby that we do with perfection. We feel really happy right?? So let us know some positives when it comes to friends Faimly and crochet.

  1. Appreciation: They appreciate our talent and love our work so much. This brings a sense of achievement, happiness, and acceptance within us. We are happy that they value our work, hard work to be more precise. They really know what it takes to do such a big blanket or a mini amigurumi toy. They respect and admire our passion, patience, and skills.
  2. Encouragement: These are the people you always stand by us and encourage us when it comes to having a stall at some fair or taking part in an exhibition they all are game for it. They encourage us to do something that we all love 🙂 This is the most positive thing that our friends and family do for us, and we should thank them for this. Many of them even make it a point to buy from us to encourage us 🙂
  3. Value our gifts: It is Christmas and you plan to make all your Family a Blanket or a set of Dishcloths or a Scarf they will love and value the gifts since they know you have made it with your own hands and it is so precious to you. People who value your handmade gifts instead of Market bought ones are a keeper.
  4. Let us Spend: Yes, when they know how much it means to us they let us spend money on things like Yarn, Hooks, blocking boards and what not. House becomes a mess with all our hobby supplies but they will be the ones who will let us purchase things. For the only reason that they know this is something we like and crochet actually helps us in being sane.
  5. Make room for our stuff: They will always be ready to make room for our little addiction (yes yes too much room). They will come ahead and give suggestions and actually help us sort out our Yarn and other crochet related goodies. They always help us.
  6. Gifts we receive: Once they know we love crochet they will come up with all different and wonderful gift ideas for us which revolve around our crochet world. All your birthdays and anniversaries will revolve around this fantastic hobby of yours. Yarn, hooks, and what not. If you receive such a gift they are the ones who really care for you 🙂

So that is that there are many other good points about having friends and relatives who support our passion. Now let us see what if we feel otherwise?? What if there are some problems related to Crochet.

Not So Bright side of the Crochet World

  1. Wanting things for FREE: Yes we know this is the 1st one that came to your mind, may be we can say the only major negative point that we have. Yes, we care for them and we can make a thing or two for them. But for them to expect it in free is really not done. After all, we put all our love and effort in there, plus the yarn amount. Further, the skill that we have polished for so many years is priceless. Giving discounts is another story but wanting things for free is totally a NO. At least make them pay for the Yarn that you buy for that project.
  2. Criticism: Yes, we agree constructive criticism is really good for all of us creative people. However, criticizing your work, style of work or anything crochet related all the time is not acceptable. All the time one can not be saying bad things about our hobby. If this happens just understand that you and your work are not appreciated. Better to leave them the way they are rather than taking things on the heart.
  3. The Age Issue: Yes been there too, once a person sees you crocheting the first thing that comes to their mind is why are you doing this at this age. They tell us and say that all the time that this hobby is for old ladies and not for you. Just make them understand how much dear this thing is to you and they will understand 🙂
  4. WIPs: When will that blanket get over or when are you completing that coasters set you promised. We get to hear a lot about our WIPs lying around here and there in the house. But the fact is the WIPs are there because we do them as per our moods or the time that we have at hand. Sometimes we have other orders or blogs to pay attention to . This our friends and family will slowly understand. WIPs are a different story, what if they know about our pattern stash in our tablet/phone/laptop 😀

So there are hardly any not so bright things we could come up with but the one that suffices for all is asking things for free. Yes yes I know we all dread that thing coming when we receive a message out of nowhere from an old colleague 😀

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This is what happens with Friends, Family Members, and Crochet. Though fun most of the times, sometimes we do have to take care that we take our stand. Have you had any such experiences mentioned above? We are sure you have. You can share with us in the comments section below. Also, you can get in touch with us and write to us on our Facebook page and Instagram account, where we share our crochet creations. You can also check out our Pinterest account.


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