Crochet Helps Us

Crochet Helps Us in So Many Ways

Crochet, such a beautiful hobby, and what more do you want if your hobby, your passion gets converted into a little business of your own. Do what you love and Love what you do. Very few people get to follow this mantra in their lives. Crochet helps us all crocheters in so many ways. It helps us in small activities in our daily routine and we do not realize. Let us see how this hobby benefits us all.


Wrist Exercises: This hobby gives us lots of exercise of the wrist area. Yes, some people do get sprains or aches on the wrist but that happens when a crocheter is old in age, has some bone issues or has a habit of doing very fast movements while crocheting.


Concentration: Yes Crochet definitely improves concentration. Each row depends on the earlier row. So if you make even the slightest mistake there are chances you will realize it when you come back on the spot for the next row. The nightmare starts when you have to rip your work back till the mistake spot. So we have to have concentration especially in tricky patterns, what stitch to do where and of course stitch counts.


Estimation Skills: Your estimation skills will definitely improve if you are into crochet. Why?? You buy your yarn before you start a project (most of the times) so you have to estimate as to how much yarn it will need, what hook will give a better look to the stitches or suit the yarn etc. and if the estimation goes wrong and you need one more ball of yarn either the dye lot is different or that brand has discontinued the type of yarn. So with every project you do, your estimation skills improve and you become better and better at it.


Breaking the Ice: Meeting, greeting and talking to strangers is so difficult sometimes. But not when you do crochet or you see someone doing it. It is so easy to start a conversation just by asking what are you making, lovely colours, neat work etc. People give you smiles, try to see what you are doing, how you take that double crochet stitch 🙂 It is easy to break that ice between strangers.


Sanity: Yes, crochet helps us in being sane. Emotions and reactions like anger, negative thoughts, and sadness do not have a place when you crochet whole day. When you are a crocheter you are like a computer screen having 50 tabs open at a time having different designs, different yarns and different accessories you want to buy with that little extra you have earned or saved. So basically you are saved from many negative thoughts since you are thinking about different projects you will do, or you can do 🙂


A sense of Achievement/ Self-Esteem: This comes with each and every project you finish or even when you learn a new stitch successfully. You know and you feel that you are doing something amazing, creating something with your own hands that you can wear, gift or play with. This feeling is something else altogether.  This doesn’t come when you work for some corporate believe me.


Colours all around: Your house will have more colours and will look more welcoming and full of warmth. More colours bring in more happiness, positivity and also a bonus since house looks fab with creative stuff all around. Who doesn’t love a welcoming home, so in turn, you will get lots of friends, relatives all praising your work and wanting something or the other made by you.


Health Benefits: Crochet has so many health benefits. Crochet helps us by giving benefits like relieving depression, postpone dementia, helps fighting insomnia, reduces anxiety etc. Crochet is like yoga. It affects your mind and body positively and in every way makes you healthy and happy.


These are the ways in which Crochet Helps Us

So there must be many other things that crochet helps us in, but these are the ones which we have recognized in over the past years 🙂 In addition to all this you get to make things in colours you love, different shapes, sizes, things having different uses and benefits. Have you experienced any of these? Do you think crochet helps us? What are the ways in which it has helped you? Share your story on our Facebook page and do give a follow on Instagram if you like our articles.


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