Contribute Towards Crochet Art

How To Contribute Towards The Crochet Art

Crochet is an Art, traditional one which has been around since years. We, a Mother-Daughter Duo are self-taught Crocheters. Why did we learn it?? There was no particular reason but I already knew a bit of knitting since school and I was always interested in something artistic. We chose the Crochet Art.

We have read many of you saying that your Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers used to crochet and taught you. This is called a contribution. However this was not the case with us, we tried and tested things from youtube videos since 4 years now and learnt whatever we know today. Only a few days ago we got to know that my Grandmother used to crochet and had some books (which we will get now). I am so excited. We both have never seen her, so we never knew this.

So back to the topic of contribution now, what is contribution??? Yes, giving something. It can be anything. What we are doing now is also a contribution to the crochet community. Let us see what exactly we mean by contribution.

You can Contribute Towards The Crochet Art too!!

If You Don’t Know The Art You Can Still Help

Encouragement: Giving encouragement to people who are crocheting is the best you can do if you yourself do not know how to crochet. Encourage others, see what they do, how they do, value their gifts, their passion. This is a beautiful art and you should be proud of that someone who makes things all by herself/himself out of just a ball of yarn.

Buy Things From Them: We would generally ask people to buy handmade stuff, but since this is crochet website let us say you should go ahead and buy crocheted stuff. It is always made with so much love passion and the most important thing skill that they have built over the years.

Donate: Donating doesn’t always mean money. You can donate Yarn to people who crochet for charity. that will be a great contribution towards society too. You can meet them in person and see how they are using up your yarn to make lovely goodies to distribute to less fortunate people.

Give Time: You can volunteer for different crochet charities to help them distribute their work to the public. You can give your time, you will love working for a cause for sure 🙂

If You Know How To Crochet You Can Do These Too

You can, of course, do the things mentioned above but you can use your crochet power for the following as well

Teaching: If you know this lovely thing called Crochet Art go ahead and teach someone. You can make it your livelihood, no issues with that. But spread this love called crochet. It should stay till generations to come. You can teach kids they learn fast. For that matter, you should teach it to anyone who wants to learn. Be proud and make them proud.

Passing it on: If you know it, make sure to pass it on to your children and grandchildren. Not only the blankets and other heirlooms but the art itself. Make sure you teach everyone in the house. At least try. They would remember you every time they see someone who crochets.


Innovate: If you think you know enough you should take a step ahead and innovate, make new things, new patterns. Tell others what you do. Try and encourage everyone to pursue this beautiful hobby. Basically, go big in the crochet field and let the world know that you are contributing towards this traditional art.

Do not give up: If you know Crochet, continue it. Do not give up. This hobby helps us in so many ways you can’t even imagine. There are lots of mental and physical benefits attached to it. Continue whatever and however you are doing it. If you can’t do it by yourself and need to learn more find some teachers in your locality who can help. You neighbour might be an excellent crocheter for all you know 🙂

This is How You Can Contribute Towards The Crochet Art

So, you see there so many different ways you can contribute towards this traditional art. It is beautiful, meaningful and peaceful. You should always contribute something towards a society and by encouraging, these arts you will help the generations to come.

This was a quick one a and a short one especially for our crochet world, hope you like our articles and what we try to share with all of you out there 🙂 Be happy, Be healthy and do not forget to make some Crocheted goodies today 🙂

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