Crochet hook lost

Dear Crochet Hook, where are you lost???

Crochet is our favourite hobby and Crochet Hook and Yarn are the 2 most important and essential things that we need to start crocheting. We are very crazy about the yarn when it comes to texture, colours, type, brand. So yarn is something we all collect right? What about Crochet Hooks? So many Brands, with grip, without grip, some are ergonomic hooks…so much variety we have 🙂 I have seen many who love collecting crochet hooks too. But some of us are forced to buy new hooks some times 😀 Yes and the reason is we keep misplacing them. So today I will just list down what I have been reading on the social media about how why and where people keep losing their crochet hooks all the time and where they are 😀

picture courtesy: Manda’s Knotty Crochet & Harper Baby Shop

Places where the crochet hook goes or hides itself

Behind the Sofa: Yes crochet hooks keep falling all the time here and there and what better place than behind the sofa where we can Never Ever reach. Sometimes we don’t even know it is there, we consider it lost and buy new. After some months when we clean up the place we get our little baby out from there.

Under the carpet: This is the place where we can see but we assume it cannot go and hide itself out there, after all, it doesn’t have hands and legs that it will just go and lift the carpet and get in there. But somehow it goes there and one day we find it 😀

Car/ Bus: Yes we love Crocheting in public, also when we are traveling. One break and damn the hook is gone somewhere. Not out of the window but to some place where we can not see or reach. This happens with most people so always keep an extra one when you are traveling with your crochet projects

Between Cushions: Generally, Chairs and Sofas just eat up the crochet hook all the time. Where, do they actually go? Yes, Our Cushions are the culprit. Check these immediately when you feel that your hook is missing. If you don’t check they will just be there for like months and you will never ever know.

Pets: Yes they are so cute and lovely crochet helpers as well. Always lift our moods when we are down. But I am sure by now you must have realised…yes, they are jealous of our hobby. This is the reason they always run away with our hooks. (Dear Pets we love you, please stop doing this to us)

Places where we keep our crochet hook and forget

WIPs: Most of us have at least a dozen of WIPs lying around the house here and there. that is one of the serious crochet problems we all face. So one day when we are making a blanket we just roll the WIP with the hook. Next, when we want to do some scarf or shaw using that same crochet hook we search the whole house (except our WIPs) and we don’t get it. What next? Yes, we go out and bring its twin, what more can we do.

Hair Bun: I seriously don’t understand how people manage to do this and forget. I have read many stories on this one. Girls just put their hook in the bun and forget, keep searching the whole house but of course no luck. Hence they have to use another hook until they realize or someone tells them.

Dear Crochet Hook please come back

On everyone’s behalf, we want to write this letter to our hooks

“We request all the crochet hooks which are lost or are hiding please come back, though we have your twin (or may be 4-5 of them 😀 ) we love you the same and will always do. We have to do 5 WIPs with the same hook so you see we need you, please come back, we will take care of you always.”

So guys please take care of these little babies 🙂 Yes we all have that box/case where we are supposed to put them after we are done crocheting but…..that is totally another story 😀 Have any other places you put your hook and forget, or find it months later from some place? do share with us here in the comments below 🙂 for more please visit our Facebook page and Instagram account where we share our crochet creations. You can also check out our Pinterest account.

We will be back with some more articles soon, till then keep making lovely Hooked Goodies 🙂



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  1. Hahaha. What a fun post! True. I have lost couple of crochet hooks while Tatting. This went and locked them selves between sofa seats which are non-removable 🙁 So I now use Aerlit shuttles which have a crochet hook attached in the front.
    Wish there was some option for crochet too. I remember to lock the hook in the yarn ball itself, lest it gets lost if kept lose.

    P.S. – I once work up in the morning to realise I slept on a crochet hook all night. 😀 Had left it on the bed. (and these are thin steel used used for crochet!!). What adventures!

    1. I generally keep them in WIPs and think they have vanished somewhere 😀 Everyday I decide to keep it in a pouch or a pen-stand but… 😀 So the final result is some are in pouch (which are never used and that is the reason they are there since ages), the ones in pen-stand just stay there so I can look at them all day and the hooks in my WIPs are the ones I actually use 😀

  2. same here, I was always loosing my hooks. Finally trained myself to put them in a crochet hook zippered pouch, well I accidentally mailed all my hooks in that pouch to my sister when she admired my pouch and I said I had another so she could have that one. She received the pouch through the mail and asked did I mean to send her the hooks? No, but I let her keep the hooks. I then had an excuse to buy the kind I like best. So we both won.

    1. Oh, my 😀 you sort of encouraged her to crochet (if she wasn’t already) or some more hooks in her hook stash (if she crochets). Any which ways you both get something 🙂 Win win for both.

  3. I stick mine in my bra….yeah, I AM that old lady….lol. Seriously though, I have been considering upgrading a hook by drilling a small hole in the end that I could hang around my neck like a necklace on a long chain, so when I let go of it, it won’t go scampering off to play hide and seek.

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