Health Benefits of Crochet and Knitting

Health Benefits of Crochet and Knitting You Should Know

Many Crafts give us plenty of Health Benefits, but we seldom know them. Crochet is one such super awesome hobby that provides us so many benefits and helps us in so many ways we don’t even know. we never look deep into any hobby or art, reasons we should or should not do certain things. We thought to give you a rough idea on how and why we should crochet for our own selves, for our future and well being. Many studies have proven the below-mentioned facts and it has been established that both crochet and knitting can calm us, our brain and our heart. Let us see what Advantages we crocheters have.

Health Benefits of Crochet and Knitting

Reduces Anxiety: When you are going through Anxiety meaning nervousness or unease you should consider Crocheting. Crocheting and/or Knitting helps ease your mind. The systematic and repetitive motion and the counting that has to be done while crocheting takes you away from those thoughts or feelings and helps you to deal with your anxiety. Studies have shown that Crocheting helps to relax peoples’ anxiety issues.

Reduces Insomnia: When you can not sleep and you don’t know why that is Insomnia. Also, you can not do anything about it. Now, what??? Here our lovely hobby comes to our rescue. When you crochet you focus on a particular action. Crocheting is a soothing activity that helps your brain and heart both to be in a particular rhythm. This concentration and rhythmic moment helps your body to calm down and allows you to sleep. So from now if you are not able to sleep grab some hook and yarn, it will surely make you feel better. There are many Health Benefits but if Crochet can help in reducing Insomnia, other problems will definitely go with it.

Reduces Restlessness: Our mind and body are always restless for something or the other. Sometimes there are no reasons and sometimes there are multiple reasons. Whatever may be the case restlessness just comes and stays with us to spoil our thoughts, our routine and what not. Crochet helps a person to fight with restlessness in a creative manner. It gives you a sense of relaxation.

Stress Buster: New colours, new patterns and new stitches make us want to crochet more and learn more. Crocheting lovely and colourful things for home decor and being around colour itself acts as a stress buster. The activity, hand movements, thinking about new things you can make helps relieve stress to a great extent.

Delay Dementia: There is no cure for Dementia as such but as per studies Crocheting and Knitting helps in postponing the effects of dementia and other age related disease. Dementia is particularly brain related disease and Alzheimer’s is one of them which includes memory loss. Crocheting helps to coordinate our brain with our body, gives a calming effect and keeps our brain’s functions regular. Counting the stitches and the action itself helps people fight against Dementia,

Eases Depression: Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person’s thoughts, behaviour, feelings, and sense of well-being. Doing what you love releases a particular chemical in your body. This chemical if and when released reduces depression level. The deficiency of this particular chemical brings us to Depression in the first place. So Do what you love and Love what You do. This is one of the best Health Benefits of Crochet since many people suffer from Depression. This hobby can actually save so many lives.

Brings Mindfulness: Mindfulness is something we all should have. Everything we do, we must have our 100% mind towards it. Crochet brings that up in our system. Things that you do with proper awareness and mindfulness are most of the times correct and you are never in doubt regarding that action. Counting and the hand moments rhythm gives us mindfulness and concentration.

Breaks Bad Habits: Crochet is an addictive hobby. Crocheting, Yarn Shopping and collection of beautiful Yarn and patterns is a lovely addiction. This addiction helps us in breaking the other bad habits like smoking, drinking and also drugs. Imagine the amount of Yarn you can buy if you decide not to stick to your bad habits and spend money on them 🙂 Social media groups have many examples of people who are trying to quit smoking and hence have taken up this art.

Lifts Your Mood: Colours are most of the times attached to the moods they bring in with themselves. Crochet is always attached o colours, patterns, lovely goodies, home decor, soft toys and what not. These are awesome mood lifters 🙂 If nothing else only one trip to Joann/Michaels/Hobby Lobby is enough to lift up your mood. Try it when you need it 🙂

So, These are the Health Benefits of Crochet and Knitting and there might be many more that we are not aware of. These beautiful art and hobby give us so much 🙂 It helps us in so many ways other than health as well. So be sure you encourage others to take it up so that they will be benefited by it. Do not forget to share the benefits with your friends and family, pass this information and help everyone 🙂

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