Men Crochet

Men Crochet and Knit too!!!

Yes, you got that right. Men crochet and knit too, and we are not kidding there are probably thousands of them out there who are crocheting, knitting or even tatting beautiful things out of lovely coloured and textured yarn. Men can do this just like you, your friend, your mom, your daughter.

As far as we know there is no bifurcation for any hobbies like cycling, singing, blogging, reading books or listening to music for that matter. We do not say that only females can sing or only men can handle a blog. Then what makes everyone think that men can not crochet and knit. There are so many benefits of these two activities that each and every person should do at least one of them.

Men are generally shy or they think these are the hobbies for a female. NO!!! that is really not the case and hence we are here today to inspire you (if you are a male and reading this) or your son, your husband, your boyfriend, your dad. Yes, all men out there check out this list of men who do crocheting and that too happily and willingly and some have their own small business too.


  1. ChiliPhilly: Phil Ferguson a crochet artist from Australia has this unique way of showcasing his talent. He crochets funny hats mainly of foodstuffs, wears them and clicks a photo. We are sure you must have seen his pics doing the rounds on Facebook. This thing makes him very different from other Crochet Artists. His Instagram account has so many different clicks. He also takes part in some or the other awareness programs through this lovely talent of his.Chiliphilly_Men Crochet
  2. The Crochet Crowd: Led by Mickey (Michael Sellick) and Diva Dan (Daniel Zondervan) this is a team of many others who teach crochet to the crowd i.e. many many people we can’t even count. They have become a household name for every crocheter. They host events, host giveaways and even have Crochet Cruises (Yes, I know isn’t that amazing!!!) They eat crochet, sleep crochet and breathe crochet and you can definitely see that from their Facebook Page and Instagram account. Mickey and Diva Dan show us that Men Crochet and better than women.The Crochet Crowd_Men Crochet
  3. Knot Bad: Vincent Green-Hite the owner/designer/crocheter and of course a model at Knot Bad is a one man army who loves to crochet. He is more into Amigurumi and makes and sells (on Etsy) lovely little pieces. He is the perfect example of “Men Crochet too”. The best part is he dresses somewhat similar to the amigurumi he has made and puts up lovely creative photos on his Instagram account. You should definitely check it out. He also hosts monthly Knit-Nights in and around Portland, Oregon.  Check out his work and like his Facebook Page now…Knot Bad_Men Crochet
  4. Boys & Bunting: They are Matt & Dennis from Hamburg, Germany having this beautiful Etsy Shop full of lovely creations. They call themselves “Mancrafters” and such wonderful “Crafters” they are. Check out their Facebook page and give them a follow on Instagram to see their lovely work.Boys & Bunting_Men Crochet
  5. Hombres Tejedores: This is a group in Santiago, Chile who get together and knit. They teach other men, knit in public, do a group event and much more. Any man can join their regular workshops to learn Knitting. Their Facebook and Instagram pages say everything about them…go have a look.Hombres Tejedores_Men Crochet
  6. Sam Barsky: He is the guy from Baltimore, Maryland who knits a sweater representing every place he visits, yes Places…He then clicks a photo on the said place wearing his creation. You can see his beautiful work on his Facebook Page. He has till now knitted London Bridge, Eiffel Tower, Goldengate Bridge and much more. You will get all his photos on his Instagram account.Sam Barsky_Men Crochet

So men crochet and knit

So you can see now we have these men as examples. They love their work and have become successful by turning their hobbies into their business. You guys can do it too, go ahead and grab a hook today.


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