Crocheter's Problems

Crocheter’s Problems: Crochet or Not to Crochet That is The Question

So you guys and girls in the crochet world, who love their passion, their hobby, hope all of you are enjoying your current projects. As you can see from the title we are here to discuss a Crocheter’s Problems. There are certain problems a crocheter faces every day. Working or not, homemaker and mother of 2 or a single person running her own business we all face these problems all the times. Yes yes, it applies to guys who crochet too. So we have a list on what problems you face.

Selecting Yarn: Yes this is one of the major Crocheter’s Problems we face all the time for all the projects. What yarn to select, wool, cotton acrylic or a mix. This will always be a problem till we crochet. If we have the yarn we want to save it for God knows what. Sometimes we do not have the yarn and still, we want to make certain projects, so we go and buy the yarn.

Colour Combination: This is the next problem after we know what type of yarn we want. We are confused what colour goes with pink or blue or red. Does this colour look girly, does this shade match. We ask the solutions on Facebook and we end up getting more confused 😀

Shopping for Yarn: “Problem is not Shopping, problem is that we shop faster than we crochet” We all love shopping for yarn, we love the colour-buy it, we love the texture-buy it. We buy cause we love all the Yarn, to make what?? that we never decide in advance 🙂

US & UK Terms: Most of us now know there are two different terms that are used in the crochet patterns, in the beginning, we all used to get confused on what stitch to use where one site is showing something else and the other site is showing something else. At the end, we stick to any one style. We at Hooked Goodies are from India and follow US Terms.

Missing the Count: Someone talks to us and we frown, we start counting more loudly. People do not understand that we are not in a position to talk since we are doing the mot important thing in the world of Crochet, “Counting”. If it goes wrong all we do is frogging and frogging.

Missing Hooks, Needles & Stitch Markers: This is one of the serious Crocheter’s Problems. We lose these all the time. In our hair, in the sofa, below the sofa, under the carpet, everywhere. Basically, our whole house is filled with these and we use any one of them that we find and is handy for the day. We have at least 4 hooks of our favourite number and at least thousand stitch markers 😀

Saving Patterns: We save the patterns and we do not get them when we need them, or we like a pattern we appreciate it and we forget to save it. Taking help of technology or not, saving a pattern is a task in itself. Either we save too many and we never try them or we do not save and spend a whole day searching on the internet when our hooks and yarn are ready 🙂

Pricing Problems: What price should I quote?? No, that is too high. No, that is too low. We end up asking things on a Social Media Website or to our near and dear ones. The on;y problem here is most of the times we underprice ourselves and then it becomes a problem for our fellow crocheters since people start expecting prices to be less all over the place.

WIPs: This is the worst of all Crocheter’s Problems. WIPs means projects which are Work In Progress. But we end up having so many of them because we do not have the work in progress for any of them. They are just lying somewhere in the corner of the house and we have started making something else altogether.

Playing Yarn Chicken: This happens with all of us. Especially when the particular yarn is out of stock or the production has stopped. Even if it is in stock buying a whole cake/ball for 2-3 stitches??? Later we are told we have so much of Yarn Stash (that is not our mistake)

Weaving in The Ends: Don’t even want to speak about it. This is like the Voldemort of Crochet World. Everyone is afraid of it and no one wants to face it 😀 There should actually be people who should do this professionally and we all should hire them. Like seriously there are people who actually love weaving in the ends. (I know unbelievable right)

Family Time: Our family time is all are sitting together, talking, chit chatting, playing. And what are we doing? Right we are crocheting. Since that is the only purpose of our lives now. Eat, Drink, Crochet repeat that is our daily cycle. Yes, we do get some sleep too if we wish to give some rest to our eyes.

House Work: Oh my this one we avoid so much, just to give justice to our hook and yarn 😀 Raise your hands if you face this problem. Should we do it now or later or never. Why isn’t there any machine or an app to do the housework? Cleaning, cooking even eating should be done by someone on our behalf. But seriously all of these should be done first after which we can happily crochet till we drop (Of Course we are kidding)

There are many more Crocheter’s Problems

So these are certain Crocheter’s Problems we all face in our day to day lives. There may be many more but we can remember these at the moment. We know all of you face these sometime or the other.

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