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Awesome Creative Crochet Ideas You Definitely Don’t Want to Miss

Crochet is such a lovely hobby anyone and everyone who is part of this community will know what we are talking about. It is full of creativity, colours, designs, patterns. Moreover, you learn so many things from this hobby, concentration, dedication, estimation and what not. So let us see some of the Creative Crochet ideas that our friends from the crochet world have given to us. We have collated some creative, innovative ideas. These are free patterns available on Ravelry and other websites and we just thought to assemble all of them at a single place just for you.

African Flower tape measure by Camilla N. Skjoenhaug is something out of the box and looks almost impossible when you look at the photo, but it really looks lovely and we have decided to try this ourselves. The Measuring tape looks to get cute just because of this creative crochet idea.

Creative Crochet Ideas-Measure tape

Bike Saddle Cover by DMC was mad for celebrating the national Bike to Work Day. This amazingly stylish Saddle cover will relly make the bike special for the special day. This is out of the box thinking and making something useful, creative and attractive at the same time.Creative Crochet Ideas-Bike Saddle Cover

Snow Flower Ear Warmers by Joanita Theron are super duper fun for the winter season. If you are not a big beanie fan but you need protection from the chilly winds, make these right now. You can make many and match them with your outfits 🙂 This one is a really creative crochet idea for all age groups.Creative Crochet Ideas-Snow Flower Ear Warmers

Crocheted Door Knob Cover by Eleonora from Coastal Crochet is something small and lovely to give a new look to doors and cupboards around the home. These are simple and beautiful, can be made in any colour combinations. The pattern is available as a PDF document in the given link. They look beautiful, we are trying these.Creative Crochet Ideas-Crocheted door Knob Cover

Breast Prosthesis by Knitted Knockers are knitted and crocheted breasts for women who have undergone mastectomies or other procedures. This group also has tips on how to set up displays and provide knockers to your local doctors and clinics for distribution to women.

These are some Creative Crochet Ideas.

For now, these were some ideas that we thought were really creative and helpful as well. We will keep adding to this list as and when we find some cool, creative, innovative and useful crochet creations from this beautiful crochet world that we all have created. Till then you can check us out on our Facebook Page, Instagram and also Pinterest. Do share with us some of you cool and creative ideas, we might add them to this list if they are cool and different.


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