7 Crochet Spring Wreaths You Would Love to Make

Published by Hooked Goodies on March 20, 2017 under Collated Free Patterns

Facebook says it is Springtime¬†now ūüôā so what are you waiting for? Pull up your socks and make some lovely decorations for your home or gift some beautiful items to your loved ones. Spring time is all about colours so here we are giving you 7 free patterns of Crochet Spring Wreaths. Be ready to see some colourful images, we have collated some nice patterns for Spring Wreaths, have a look.

7 Crochet Spring Wreaths Free Patterns

  1. Floral Wreath by Susie Johns is a lovely all flower crochet spring wreath, it is quite simple and looks colourful. We loved it because it is all flowery and feels like spring.

    Crochet Spring Wreaths-Floral Wreath

    Floral Wreath

  2. Springtime Wreath by Lucy of Attic24 is a beautiful crochet spring wreath that uses UK crochet terms and lovely buttons.

    Crochet Spring Wreaths-Springtime Wreath

    Springtime Wreath

  3. Spring Wreath PDF 14-136 by Maria Bittner looks so cute with flowers and a little bunny, you should definitely go for this crochet spring wreath. While the bunny is optional we would recommend it, because it looks different from other wreaths.

    Crochet Spring Wreath-Spring Wreath 14-136

    Spring Wreath 14-136

  4. Crochet Spring Wreath by Sarah Zimmerman of Repeat Crafter me is so colourful and beautiful with a little bee on it. We really loved this one, due to the light green colour and the bee ofcourse. Checkout the article for a link of crocheted bee and flowers which are given inside.

    Crochet Spring Wreaths-Crochet Spring Wreath

    Crochet Spring Wreath

  5. Crocheted Spring Wreath by Ioana van Deurzen is a photo tutorial pattern and she has made a lovely colourful wreath using a fiberfill for the main wreath part, flowers are her own designs.

    Crochet Spring Wreaths-Crocheted Spring Wreath

    Crocheted Spring Wreath

  6. Crochet Spring Wreath by Tanya Eberhardt is another design with a bee on it. This is simple and beautiful pink wreath with an amigurumi bee that looks very cute. Yes, it looks cute because of the bee in pink background. Also, its with less decoration compared to others so if you love simple this one is designed for you.

    Crochet Spring Wreath-Crochet Spring Wreath.

    Crochet Spring Wreath.

  7. May Rose Wreath again¬†by Lucy of Attic24 is our personal favourite¬†since it has so many different colours in one. It is a photo tutorial of a striped¬†crochet spring wreath, very colourful and attractive. Everyone would love to see it outside your door ūüôā

    Crochet Spring Wreath-May Rose Wreath

    May Rose Wreath

These are the 7 Crochet Spring Wreaths

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These are our 7¬†favourite¬†spring wreaths. Have you already made one?? We would love to see it, do share with us on our Facebook page, because we always love to see more and more creative and colourful projects each day. Further, you can also check us out on Instagram where we put all our creations. Make these lovely cuties and enjoy the Spring ūüôā

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Note: All the patterns and photos belong to the designers, we do not take credit for any of these.

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