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5 Beautiful Crochet Spring Shrug Free Patterns

Hey there, spring has started setting in so all we can see now are beautiful colours¬†everywhere, lovely flowers blooming, a lovely environment overall. We at Hooked Goodies thought now that you are out of your jackets and sweatshirts why not crochet a spring shrug for yourself. Let us see some Crochet Spring Shrug Patterns from some talented Crochet artists, yes these are free so enjoy ūüôā We love spring shrugs since we finally get to¬†wear some beautiful colours and patterns. So let us see what crochet shrugs and wraps free patterns we have for you.

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5 Crochet Shrugs and Wraps Free Patterns

  1. Spring Shrug pattern by¬†Elizabeth Pardue looks so lovely. Made out of cotton, looking at it feels like ” I want to have that now”. Loved the colour she has chosen because it feels like spring.

    Crochet Shrug Free Patterns-Beautiful Spring Shrug by Elizabeth Pardue
    Spring Shrug by Elizabeth Pardue
  2. Irish Spring Shrug by Si Nanay Madel is a stylish white cotton crochet spring shrug. She has written the pattern quite well and also given a chart on how to go about making arm holes in the bolero, due to which it becomes quite easy to understand. One of the easiest Crochet Shrug Patterns.

    Crochet Shrug Free Patterns-Beautiful Irish Spring Shrug by Si Nanay Madel
    Irish Spring Shrug by Si Nanay Madel
  3. Crochet Spring Wrap by Sarah Anderson Designs is a classy crochet wrap made with caron simply soft. We loved the way it because it looks lovely and also has an easy pattern, you should definitely try this crochet shrug.

    Crochet Shrug Free Patterns-Beautiful Crochet Spring Wrap by Sarah Anderson Designs
    Crochet Spring Wrap by Sarah Anderson Designs
  4. Leaves of Summer Vest by¬†Doris Chan is a lovely green Vest in cotton available in different sizes, you can pair it up with a matching skirt and it will look very pretty. This crochet spring shrug just looks lovely, doesn’t¬†it?

    Crochet Shrug Free Patterns-Beautiful Leaves of Summer Vest by Doris Chan
    Leaves of Summer Vest by Doris Chan
  5. Elegant Lace (Poncho) by Dot Matthews surely looks very elegant and the pattern is easy too. You definitely need to have this one in this spring. We love it because it is a poncho style apparel, and we love ponchos.

    Crochet Shrug Free Patterns-Beautiful Elegant Lace (Poncho) by Dot Matthews
    Elegant Lace (Poncho) by Dot Matthews

These are the 5 Crochet Spring Shrug Free patterns

These are our 5¬†favourite¬†shrugs. Have you already made one?? We would love to see it, do share with us on our Facebook page, because we always love to see more and more creative and colourful projects each day. Further, you can also check us out on Instagram where we put all our creations. Make these lovely cuties and enjoy the Spring ūüôā

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Note: All the patterns and photos belong to the designers, we do not take credit for any of these.


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