How to Crochet Granny Rectangle-You finally have something like this

How to Crochet Granny Stripes in 25 minutes

Hello there, today we will continue our granny series and you will learn how to Crochet Granny Stripes.These are quite simple and we generally have to to a 3dc cluster to form the granny pattern. After learning this stitch you can make blankets, shawls, purses and what not. It is ideal for baby blankets and works up super easy.

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So let us see how to Crochet Granny Stripes

We will need a ball of yarn which is maybe a 4 ply yarn and a crochet hook that goes with the yarn, we have taken size 4.5mm here

How to Crochet Granny Stripes- things required
Things required







Ch: chain

SC: Single Crochet Stitch

dc: Double Crochet


Step 1: We will 1st crochet chains of multiple of 3+2 (I will chain 18+2=20)

How to Crochet Granny Stripes-Chain 18+2=20
Chain 18+2=20

Round 1:

We will now make a round of simple SC on these chains, for this skip first 2 chains from the hook

How to Crochet Granny Stripes-Round 1
Round 1

Step 1: SC in the 3rd stitch from the hook

Step 2: continue the SC in each chain for next all stitches ( the last one could be a bit tricky)

This will give you  a little base like shown in the picture. This is the end of Round 1 for Crochet Granny Stripes

Round 2:

From here we will start the Granny Pattern of the stripes. Please note we are using only one colour so it will be a continuation.

How to Crochet Granny Stripes-Round 2-Part 1
Round 2-Part 1

Step 1: ch2 and turn your work, this will be counted as you 1st DC

Step 2: Now look at from where this chain 2 originates, after that skip 2 SC and make a DC in the next SC

Step 3: Make 2 more DC in the same space, This gives you a 3DC cluster

Step 4: Skip 2 SC and make DC in the next SC, Further make 2 more DCs in the same space

How to Crochet Granny Stripes-Round 2-Part 2
Round 2-Part 2

Step 5: When you reach towards the end make a DC in the last stitch(It can be a bit Tricky)

Here we complete this round. Now let us go to the third round

Round 3:

We are on the 3rd round now, we will continue the above method but a bit different, mark that now the row will start with a 3DC cluster and not a single DC unlike the earlier round

How to Crochet Granny Stripes-Round 3
Round 3

Step 1: Ch 2 and turn your work (this will count as 1st DC) (We tried with a chain 3 as 1st DC but that gave us a big hole on the side, hence chain 2)

Step 2: make 2 more DC in the space created in round 2(see the pic for better understanding)

Step 3: in the next space make 3DC

Step 4: Continue this till the end

Please note since we started with a 3DC cluster it will also end with a 3DC cluster

This brings us to the end of this round. Hope you got an idea about the pattern. We will do 1 more round just for a better understanding.

Round 4:

How to Crochet Granny Stripes-Round 4
Round 4

Step 1: Ch 2 and turn your work (This will count as 1st DC, remember now it will start with single DC)

Step 2: make 3dc in the next space created from round 3

Step 3: Continue making 3DC clusters till you reach the end space

Step 4: In the end, you will make a DC in the last stitch of the earlier round (this will be the chain 2 we 1st took in round 3) (see picture for better understanding)

How to Crochet Granny Rectangle-the Tricky situation
The Tricky situation

Make sure it is in the chain and not space else you will have a big whole in round 3

This brings us to the end of this round

How to Crochet Granny Stripes-You finally have something like this
You finally have something like this

Hurray, now you know How to Crochet Granny Stripes

So now you must have got an idea as to how this works. Every Alternate round will start with same (either a single DC or 3DC Cluster) It is very simple once you get a hang of it.

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Hope we made it easy for you. Please feel free to send your trial pics of Granny Stripes in the comment below. Also, you can get in touch with us on our Facebook page and Instagram for more photos.

We will be back with another pattern shortly in our next article. Since we have just started we would like to know what all patterns you want to learn, please free to comment below 🙂


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