Crochet Granny Star

How to Crochet Granny Star in 30 Minutes

Today we will learn how to Crochet Granny Star. It is very easy and looks very beautiful. Granny Stars can be turned into beautiful Christmas ornaments or buntings. Also, they can be attached to blankets, bags and wall hangings as appliques.

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So, to start with we will need 2 different colours of Yarn and one crochet hook. I will recommend a hook size of 4mm and above for the beginners, and also 4 ply Yarn. Here we will be taking a 3.75mm hook since the yarn we have, works best with this particular hook. Also, please remember you can take any hook and yarn as far as they both are perfect for eachother.

Things we will need to make our Crochet Granny Star

  1. Crochet Hook Size: 3.75mm or more
  2. Yarn: Any 4 ply yarn

Crochet Granny Star

Further, we will also require a pair of scissors and a yarn needle. We will take 2 different colours so that it is easy for you to see each round properly.


Ch: chain

SS: slip stitch

dc: Double Crochet

SC: Single Crochet

The pattern for the Crochet Granny Star will be as below:

Ch 5, join with the 1st chain with a SS forming a circle

Crochet Granny Star

(you can also ch 4 in place of because chain 5 creates a gap in the middle)

Round 1:

Crochet Granny Star

Step 1: Ch 3 (This will be counted as your 1st dc),

Step 2: 2dc in circle,

Step 3: ch 1, 3 dc in circle

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 (4 more times) and ch 1

Step 5: Join with SS to the 1st dc you made (not chain 3 one but the 1st dc itself)

Step 6: ch 1 and cut the yarn, secure it by pulling the same

At the end of Round 1, you will have 18 stitches since they are in a cluster of 3 and there are 6 clusters in total.

Round 2:

Crochet Granny Star

Take a new colour and make a slip knot and start with your hook in chain 1 space of 1st round

Step 1: Ch 3, 2dc in chain 1 space

Step 2: Ch 2, 3 dc in the same space

Step 3: Ch1, 3dc in the next chain 1 space

Step 4: Chain 2, 3dc in the same space

Step 5: Repeat Step 3 & 4 (4 more times)

Step 6: Ch 1join with a SS in 1st dc

Step 7: ch 1 and cut the yarn, secure it by pulling the yarn

At the end of Round 2, you will have something like a hexagon with a total of 36 stitches, since they are in a cluster of 3 and 12 clusters in total

Round 3:

Crochet Granny Star

Take colour of Round 1 and make slip knot, start in chain 2 space in the corner, because this will give it a better look rather than start from other points

Step 1: ch 3, 2dc in chain 2 space

Step 2: ch 3, 3dc in the same space

Step 3: SC in the next chain 1 space

Step 4: 3dc in the next chain 2 space

Step 5: ch 3, 3dc in the same space

Step 6: repeat steps 3,4 & 5 (4 more times)

Step 7: SC in the next chain 1 space,

Step 8: join with SS in the 1st dc, ch1, cut the yarn and secure it by pulling the yarn

Crochet Granny Star

You will have a total of 36 stitches. This is because the stitches are in a cluster of 3 and there are 12 clusters in total.

Finally, secure the loose ends with help of a yarn needle.

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So we hope we made it easy for you. Please feel free to send your trial pics of Crochet Granny Star on our Facebook page,because we always love to see more and more creative and colourful projects each day. Further, you can also check us out on Instagram where we put all our creations. Also, check us on Pinterest.

We will be back with another pattern probably with a slight twist in our next article. Since we have just started we would like to know what all patterns you want to learn, also please feel free to comment below 🙂


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