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22 Free Crochet Patterns for 4th July Celebration

We are back with some more crochet patterns. 4th July is coming and we thought to collect all the free patterns that you can make for this celebration. We are sure you love to make things for your loved ones 🙂 So, we have chosen the best 21 just for you. Since you love crochet, make this 4th July the best one by making your crocheted goodies a part of the celebration. Let us see what the list of crochet patterns for 4th July has in store for you.

  1. Table Set by AG Handmades is a beautiful Placemat and Coaster Set. You can make this for anyone, it will look really pretty on the table especially on the 4th July Celebration Day. It is a perfect example of simple byt beautiful.Table Set-crochet patterns for 4th July
  2. Beanies by Butterfly’s Creations are the two different beanies with the appliques. The pattern for Beanies is available for all the age-groups. You got to make one of these for the day. Also, Your little ones would love these.Beanies1-crochet patterns for 4th Julybeanies2-crochet patterns for 4th July
  3. Potholder by Priscilla Hewitt is a beautiful crocheted piece of a Potholder. It suits the occasion perfectly. Do not forget to make and use these at your next get-together, you will have a bag full of compliments.Potholder-crochet patterns for 4th July
  4. Doll Bikini by Katrinna Fruit is a cute little Bikini made for  Barbie Doll. Yes, dolls love to celebrate too. Make these for your Daughter/Granddaughter, they are happy if their dolls are happy 🙂 I know what you are thinking but this pattern is only available in one size.Doll Bikini-crochet patterns for 4th July
  5. Bottle Cozy by Tia Davis is a simple and beautiful bottle cozy that can be made for anyone and everyone 🙂 It will be a quick last minute project. Yes, even the bottle needs a bit of a celebration touch.Bottle Cozy-crochet patterns for 4th July
  6. Star Potholder by Amy Lehman is a cute little Star Shaped Potholder. It looks pretty with a big star in the center and has a Hexagon shape, different nd [retty. Yes, you need to try this one.Star Potholder-crochet patterns for 4th July
  7. Applique Patch by Sahrit Freud-Weinstein is an applique patch that can be used as a brooch, jeans patch or even worn with a ribbon on it. It is lovely and unique, something quick and small 🙂4th_of_July_Applique-crochet patterns for 4th July
  8. American Flag Bunting by Angelina Panozzo from is a beautiful triangular shaped bunting. The pattern has a simple explanation. Every one of you can do this, even beginner. Start making it today to decorate your house on the special occasion of 4th July. American flag bunting-crochet patterns for 4th July
  9. Fridgies again by Priscilla Hewitt has 2 fridge magnet patterns and we must say both are pretty, especially the fireworks. Our fridge also needs some decoration right??? and who doesn’t like seeing colours everywhere.Fridgies-crochet patterns for 4th July
  10. Scrunchie by Mary Blake is a cute must try scrunchie pattern. If you are going out this 4th July you have to make this one and wear it for the Celebration mood. This one is good for beginners as well.Scrunchie-crochet patterns for 4th July
  11. Barbie Dress again by Katrinna Fruit is a cute little Barbie dress, yes even she has to join the celebrations right??? Make it and make your little princess happy.Barbie Dress-crochet patterns for 4th July
  12. Bracelet & Cuff by Colleen Hays are 2 cute patterns. These can be last minute gifts as well. Everyone would love to have one of these for sure.Bracelet & Cuff1-crochet patterns for 4th JulyBracelet & Cuff2-crochet patterns for 4th July
  13. Star Spangled Banner Bunting by Kara Gunza is a very decorative bunting for the special day and can be made to make your home ready for the Special day. This is one of the best crochet patterns for 4th July, we love it.Star Spangled Banner-crochet patterns for 4th July
  14. Afghan on is a beautiful star and stripes afghan. Surely can not be quick and last minute but it will be worth the efforts 🙂Afghan-crochet patterns for 4th July
  15. Uncle Sam’s hat for a pet by Sara Sach is a beautiful hat. If you do not have a pet adopt one right now, this hat is so cute you get to make it for some pet 🙂 Collar Pattern is available as a link on the given page.Pet Hat-crochet patterns for 4th July
  16. Bag by Mary Vaughn was a part of some contest CAL and links for different steps are given on the link. It is very simple and beautiful bag, do try it 🙂Bag-crochet patterns for 4th July
  17. Stars & Stripes Lanyard by Sarah Zimmerman at RepeatCrafterme is the cute little pattern and can be gifted to your near and dear ones. It is perfect to carry your key or even for a sporting event. Crochet these now, foe your little ones.Star & Stripes Lanyard-crochet patterns for 4th July
  18. Summer Band by Heidi Yates made using Worsted weight yarn and a 5.00mm crochet hook. It is a lovely headband can be made for all ages. The pattern is available as a Free Ravelry Download.crochet patterns for 4th July

  19. American Flag Wreath again by Kara Gunza is a beautiful wreath for your door to welcome your guests on a special day. The pattern is easy to understand and the outcome is beautiful. Kara has used a 12 inch Styrofoam for this wreath.American Flag Wreath-crochet patterns for 4th July
  20. Patriotic stripes blanket & Hat by Salena Baca is a beautiful pair of Blanket and hat you can make for your little ones. The pattern is available in PDF form. Wouldn’t the baby look cute with these on?Hat n Blanket-crochet patterns for 4th July
  21. Ships Ahoy Patriotic Throw by Michele Maks is a lovely red and white Striped blanket with a blue border, make this one today and get into the Celebration mood.Ships Ahoy Throw-crochet patterns for 4th July
  22. Stars & Stripes Ripple Throw by Leigh K. Nestor is a lovely and a unique pattern with stars and stripes. It gives a very beautiful look to the throw, apt for 4th July Celebration.Stars and Stripes Throw-crochet patterns for 4th July


These are the 21 crochet patterns for 4th July Celebration

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