“Refuse to Sink”-Miranda Nippert’s (Crazy4CrochetMomma) Interview

Learning the Age old art of Crochet from her Grandmother, Miranda Nippert established Crazy4CrochetMomma back in the year 2011. Miranda has an Associates degree in Mental Health but no one could stop her going creative with the art of Crochet.

“I was 10 years old when I started learning the art. I was always drawn to color and being able to make art with my own hands” – Said Miranda – who enjoys her very vibrant and real personality.

Confidence is a fuel to one’s success and it was proved by Miranda very well: “I have been writing patterns for 3 years now but didn’t have the confidence until January of this year to share my patterns. Once I did I couldn’t believe the response and all the positive and overwhelming love I received!”. The wonderful belief of making amazing art out of just a thread of yarn and hook led her to the business of Crochet. “My first sale was back in 2011 and it was a basic beanie with a shell stitched brim. I made it through Facebook when I shared a picture of my daughter in the hat I had made her. It was so exciting and my business grew from there.” 

Love, care and being there for someone, always make your crochet business successful. “I want people to know I’m real and that I am here for anyone. I want them to feel loved and I know how happy bright colors and fun projects make me and I want to share that with the world!” We too believe if you are out there – real – you build customer’s trust. People believe in you, your art and thereby helping the World of Crochet.

“Refuse to sink” It means so much to me. I have battled a lot of mental health problems and I always use that as my mantra and it’s also good in a crochet business or any business! You should never give up! Even if what you hoped would happen hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t. Just have faith and keep going! – Miranda Nippert

Definitely, the art of Crochet is not as easy as it seems. It takes time, money, efforts, and your utmost dedication and concentration to create something beautiful for people to cherish. “But the result and the outcome is very worth it!” – Miranda Adds. And how can we forget the loved ones around us pushing our limits further and supporting our venture? – In Miranda’s case, she is grateful to her supportive spouse and wonderful kids who continue to support her mission –  “Thankfully my husband was supportive of my dream and I was able to stay at home with our 3 children while also helping support our family with my income from selling my crochet and patterns. “ – Mischievously Miranda also adds that her husband and kids love her work so much that they often steal the hats and items that she makes for her customers. Lovely Isn’t it 🙂

Apart from doing Crochet, she loves to run. She has recently started clocking 5K miles. Not only that she is also learning knitting. “I also taught myself to knit last fall so that’s been a new and intriguing hobby for me as well!”. Clicking photos of her families, friends, animals, and nature also keep her mind relaxed.

I want everyone to know no matter what is going on in your life you always have someone looking up to you and people who you may not even know support you and knowing that is such an amazing and unbelievable experience! Stay strong and you will succeed! It’s also ok to take breaks for yourself if life seems to get too hard! Breaks are always good for the body and mind.

We are just amazed at her wonderful and vibrant personality and simply love her work. After going through her story, we can just say – KUDOS to Miranda. Keep doing what you love and the world around you will get more beautiful with your art of Crochet.

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