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New Year, New Beginnings….!!

People make new year resolutions, and we decided to make a Crochet Blog 🙂

It has been more than 3 years we started learning crochet, making simple and beautiful gifts for friends and family. We also sold few items locally. Though we are still learning and always ready to learn more, we have decided to share whatever knowledge we have gained in past 3 years with everyone. Sharing will multiply the knowledge. If more people will learn it than there will be more of us who can pass it on to the next generation. What better medium than a crochet blog We seriously believe this for each and every art, be it drawing, mehndi designing, traditional dance forms, knitting, crochet or embroidery. Keeping these art forms alive after a few years will really be very difficult. We at Hooked Goodies believe that if we share whatever we have, it will only grow more and will be helpful for few who are beginners like we were 3 years back.

Learning new stitches, new techniques, learning and saving new patterns, information about new yarns, colour experiments everything is just so exciting. So writing about it will be equally exciting we guess, hence we are now a Crochet Blog. We learned everything from the internet it is time to give it back. This is the best medium to reach masses, so we thought to give it a shot.

You must be thinking, why one more site when there are already so many to refer to? The simple answer to this is we just love crochet in any form, be it crocheting, talking about it, or just looking at it. So why not write about it and make it bit more easy for someone who needs to start with crochet.Hence a Crochet Blog.

So here we are in the new year with new plans and new hopes, venturing into blogging about our favouritest (if we can say that :P) hobby called CROCHET.


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