Maker Monday Interview Series

Launching Maker Monday Interview Series : Crochet Community

Hello to all you lovely ladies and gents out there.

We have been a little out of action from our website for a few months now and we are so so sorry for that. But we are back with a bang now.

For all those who have been following us on our social media pages like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter must be aware that we are currently focusing on “Making things” and actually being “Maker” of Crochet Goodies.

While focusing on “Making and Selling” aspect we came across lots of challenges. We are sure all you makers out there running your Small Businesses on your own have gone through the same. The constant need to market yourself, managing all the social media handles, worrying about the cost of raw materials, selling price, kind of customers to target and what not.

Why this Interview Series

So, one thing came to our mind is that we guys need advertising and marketing. Supporting Indiebusiness, Small businesses and maker-community can go a long way and benefit many. So we at Hooked Goodies have decided to start an Interview Series where we will be writing about people like us, who are trying to achieve their dreams, create things of their own and make money out of their own passion and hard work.

Who all will be featured here

Since it is a Crochet website we will be focusing on our Crochet community members and show to the world how the makers have come so far with their dedication and belief in themselves. So it will cover crocheters, pattern testers, pattern designers, yarn manufacturers/ dyers, Ergonomic hook makers. So basically it can be anything and everything related to crochet.

Frequency of Blog Interviews

This will be a weekly Column with an aim to encourage and give a platform to all the crocheters out there who are running their businesses and earning their bread and butter out of it. We will know them better, know how they have made their businesses a success and also support them by following and buying things from them this festive season.

How to Feature your business here

Currently, we will be contacting all the crocheters on their social media pages and if they are willing to give the interview we will go ahead with the process. This is not a paid activity and we aim to encourage the age-old art of crochet and make more and more people aware about it and give the makers a chance to say what they feel about the business and showcase their work.

This awesome journey begins today and we are featuring a lovely crochet artist here so check out this space for more.


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